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Homeopathic Weight Management

The Superhuman Kore 4 Nutrition and Homeopathic Weight Management Program has arrived and it is available to all today!

This system is designed to produce realistic results of 15 to 30 lbs

of weight loss in only 8 weeks.

You can expect even more when combined with our

Laser-Lipo Medical Light Therapy.

 *Available to everyone regardless of where you are located!





The Kore 4 Weight Loss Program helps our patients lose 15-30 lbs in just 8 weeks without shakes, pre-packaged meals, or even exercise! With thousands of patients who have successfully lost weight with the Kore 4 Weight Loss Program, we’re proud to be able to say that our average patient loses 22 pounds!

You'll be working with a Kore 4 weight loss expert who is widely regarded as a top, cutting-edge, health practitioner. Get ready to make the changes that will make sense for you!

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