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Biohacking Fitness

Superhuman Lifestyle Studios is the home of the Muscle, Heart, and Bone Builder Program The program consists of our state-of-the-art fitness equipment like Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX), Micro-Impact Exercise, and AI Adaptive Cardio.
This program also includes professional coaching.

Studies show that these three services combined will give you the equivalency and results of a 5-6 mile walk, a 45-minute jog or moderate intensity workout, and a 3-hour strength training workout in just 1 hour Flat!

Micro-Impact Skeletal Exercise / Dynamic Motion Therapy

Experts agree that Cardio, Muscle, and Brain Exercises are critical to great overall health, but what if you discovered you were missing an exercise that the surgeon general says is just as important – Skeletal Exercise! Did you know that your bones make your red and white blood cells? Did you know that your bones help regulate hormones like testosterone and growth hormones? Did you know that your bones help with blood sugar regulation? Did you know that your bones help produce stem cells; The type that help repair your joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. I bet you thought your skeleton as there to just hold you up. Well, it turns out that your skeleton needs a unique type of exercise to function properly. That type of exercise is micro impact, and your bones crave it! 

AI Adaptive Cardio - Cardiovascular Optimization Logic (CAR.O. L) Training


The Bike that gets you fittest, fastest! C.A.R.OL Cuts Your Exercise Time by 83%; CAR.O.L is clinically-proven to give you the same cardio benefits of a 45-minute jog in under 9 minutes, with only 40 seconds of hard work. The Best High-Intensity Workout; CAR.O.L’s algorithms personalize your resistance to guarantee you hit max power every session. No other HIIT workout or fitness class comes close.

Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX) Training 

The Future of Exercise is Here! Better Results in 93% Less Time!

The Advanced Resistance Exercise pushes you harder than you could ever push yourself, giving you a week’s worth of weightlifting in under thirty minutes. In just one session per week, you can safely build strength and endurance. After just one workout, you will see why it is quickly making traditional equipment extinct! 

Pricing - $60.00/session

Membership - $159.00/month

The membership includes One (1) ARX workout session per week and up to Three (3) Carol Bike and Micro-Impact sessions per week.

If you would like to add a second weekly ARX workout session per week - Add $75.00/month

If you would like to add the Pre and Post workout  Optimization Bundle - Add $40.00/month

This bundle consists of up to Two (2) Red Light Therapy and Biocharger Sessions per week


Whole Body Energy Revitalization Therapy 

Photobiomodulation (PBM)

Red Light Therapy 

Come bask in subtle energies to optimize your health and wellness by restoring strength, stamina, coordination, and mental clarity. These energies are all around us in nature, but most of us are not outside enough to take in the proper amounts that our cells need to keep our bodies at optimal wellness levels. The BioCharger simultaneously transmits 4 distinct energy types found in nature including: 

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) 
Frequencies & Harmonics 
Photonic Energy (Light)
The energies are delivered through frequency programs, or recipes, that you select from a  library of 800+ recipes to target an area of the body, or to support a desired outcome. So, in just about 15 minutes, you can bathe yourself in nature's energies and receive that extra boost to help you feel invigorated, renewed, and full of wellness. 

Red light therapy has been studied and tested across hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical trials, with overwhelmingly positive results for skin health, collagen production, physical performance & muscle recovery, sleep, joint pain, inflammation, and a lot more. That is without drugs, chemicals, UV rays, invasive procedures, or other common side effects. High-quality red light therapy delivers concentrated wavelengths of natural light to your skin and cells, without dangerous UV rays or excess heat. All you have to do is sit or stand near a device for 10-20 minutes to charge your cells. The more surface area of your body you can cover, the more your cells absorb natural light, and the more full body benefits you can expect to see with consistent use.