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Dynamic Motion Therapy

Micro-Impact Muscular Skeletal Exercise




Experts agree that Cardio, Muscle, and Brain Exercises are critical to great overall health, but what if you discovered you were missing an exercise that the surgeon general says is just as important – Skeletal Exercise!

Did you know that your bones make your red and white blood cells? Did you know that your bones help regulate hormones like testosterone and growth hormones? Did you know that your bones help with blood sugar regulation? Did you know that your bones help produce stem cells; The type that help repair your joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves.

I bet you thought your skeleton as there to just hold you up. Well it turns out that your skeleton needs a unique type of exercise to function properly. That type of exercise is micro impact and your bones crave it!

How it Works

A Powerful Step Towards a Healthy Life

It is impossible to achieve total health without sufficient amounts of skeletal impact. It’s that important.

Your bones perform many essential functions that rely on healthy impact; it’s one of the fundamental requirements for optimal health. Micro-Impact Therapy makes it possible to get skeletal impact that is safe, effective and easy.

Good skeletal health is so important to living an independent and quality life.  Micro-Impact Therapy can help to maintain yours. It’s evidence-based — rooted in extensive medical science — and it’s groundbreaking. Easy and effective, Micro-Impact Therapy is an effective solution that promotes musculoskeletal health, joint pain relief, and improved balance.

When you stand on the platform, you’ll feel a subtle, pleasant stimulation. Starting at your feet and legs, it extends upward through your torso, arms, and upper body. Using our platform just 10 to 20 minutes, two to three days a week has been shown to help improve blood flow, ease joint, knee and back pain and increase stability and is equal to walking 5 miles a day barefoot.

How Micro-Impact Therapy Works

If you don’t use your muscles, they begin to atrophy, growing weaker and less effective. Your bones work the same way: without exercising the muscles surrounding them, they can become brittle and thin. Micro-Impact Therapy uses low-magnitude mechanical impulses and passively exercise your bones and muscles, increasing blood flow, relieving pain, and helping increase strength.  

The Benefits

Our Passive Skeletal Exercise

Our patented system uses the science of low-magnitude mechanical impulses to safely exercise your bones, muscles, and joints. Micro-Impact Therapy sends carefully calibrated mechanical energy waves up through your body. These tiny waves gently move your body and increase blood flow, helping bones and joints recover naturally.

For Increased Range of Motion and Balance

Micro-Impact Therapy provides soft, controlled impulses to the musculoskeletal system. Research demonstrates that these micro-impacts can help promote bone health, and potentially manage the effects of osteoporosis. With their increase in range of motion, users report less joint and muscle pain, along with improved balance and stability.

Indications for Use

Our Micro-Impact Platform is indicated for maintaining and/or enhancing strength, function and postural stability. 25-years of research and clinical history has shown that the technology:

  ·        Restores dynamic action of the calf muscle fibers

  ·        Strengthens & increases muscle mass

  ·        Stimulates blood and lymphatic flow

  ·        Improves balance, postural reflexes and coordination




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