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With Full Spectrum Deep Penetrating Infrared, Negative Ions, Earthing, and no exposure to harmful EMF's, Body Fusion has the most advanced Infrared Sauna available today!

Our Sauna features:

8 Vital Rays GEN IV Low EMF Far Infrared Heaters

2 Vital Rays VR1 300W Full Spectrum Glass Heater

O3 Ionizer with Aromatherapy -

Neutralizes odors for a pleasant smell and helps kill virus, fungus and bacteria... the stuff that makes you sick and keeps you sick.

Magnetic Flux Therapy -

Vital Health Saunas is the ONLY company in existence that includes this powerful health advantage into their saunas. With strategically embedded bi-polar magnets in the bench, floorboard, and in the backrest. Here's just a partial list of what Magnetic Flux Therapy

can help with:

Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Scoliosis, Spinal Deformations, Fibromyalgia, Back pain, Sciatica, General aches & pains, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Lower Cholesterol, Soften Artieries, Promote Sound Sleep, Reduce Swelling, Calm Nervous System, And much more...

Chromotherapy (Color Light Therapy) -

Our sauna include a state-of-the-art 7 color light therapy system that promotes healthier skin, helps blood circulation, improves the nervous system, and is known to enhance your mood condition. All without nasty drugs and their side-effects.


Far Infrared:                                    Mid Infrared:                                     Near infrared:

Detoxification                                   Improved Circulation                        Cell Health/Immunity

Lowered Blood Pressure                 Weight Loss                                       Wound Healing

Relaxation                                        Pain Relief                                          Anti-Aging

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