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Cardiovascular Optimization Logic (CAR.O.L) Training


All exercise works by burning sugar stored in your muscles. The higher the intensity, the faster you burn the sugar stores and the more effective your exercise. This is why extremely intense exercise has to be very short.

CAR.O.L’s sprints are almost impossible to maintain for longer than 20 seconds.



This is the lead protocol where CAR.O.L will take you to max intensity. Throughout your ride, her voice will guide you.

Her mindfulness nerve balancing breath pacer will decompress you.

Every second is scripted, and she is in control. Below is what is happening to you as you ride with her.

Step 1 – Warm Up (2 minutes). Slow pedaling, analyzing to ensure the perfect ride.

Step 2 – Sprint (20 seconds). After the warm up, your glycogen will be gone within 10-15 seconds of your first sprint and molecules that signal other changes are released.

Step 3 – Recovery (3 minutes). Recovery is essential, so you can have a good second sprint.

Step 4 – Sprint (20 seconds). The molecules released in the first sprint are now activated causing a cascade of changes that lead to a more fit, lean, health you.

Step 5 – Cool Down (3 minutes). After the hard work, the three minutes bring your blood pressure and bring you “back to normal”. CAR.O.L has mindfulness breathing guides to help you distress and get back to doing what you were doing in minutes .

That’s right, you read that right. 8 minutes and 40 seconds is all it takes!


After CAR.O.L depletes your glycogen, the thigh muscles begin to panic because who knows what dangers are lurking. Without the energy to take you to safety, your species will be extinct.

So, sugar shifts from anywhere in your body into your thighs to be stored as glycogen and reused. Insulin is needed to drive the sugar into muscle. After just 4-8 weeks of regular use, your body becomes very insulin sensitive - about 28% or more.

When you have less insulin floating about, you will metabolize sugar and fat like a hungry wolf.


Why are kids always running around? Because they have thousands more mitochondria than adults do. Mitochondria are the body's energy factories. The more you have, the more energy you produce, even when resting.

CAR.O.L forces you into anaerobic exercise that requires massive amounts of energy. You signal to your body that if it doesn't step up, your species will be extinct.

Humans have survived through the ages because of their superior ability to adapt to their environment. Your very intelligent body will now ‘adapt' to give you what you need – a stronger heart, more bendy arteries, more oxygen carrying capacity and a higher rate of metabolism at rest.

In our labs, we see insulin sensitivity improve by 25-28% and fitness by 15% within 6 weeks. The CAR.O.L system reproduces these results in the real world. I am happy to see my research benefiting the public, ultimately this what science is about.

Dr Niels Vollaard PhD


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