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Superhuman Lifestyle Studios is the exclusive home of ARX in the New England area. 

The Advanced Resistance Exercise pushes you harder than you could ever push yourself, giving you a week’s worth of weightlifting in under fifteen minutes.

In just one session per week, you can safely build strength and endurance.


After just one workout, you'll see why it's quickly making traditional equipment extinct!

One 30-minute session per week is all you need...and all you can handle!

General Fitness

  • A better you in less time

  • More results in less time

  • Muscle Mass, Bone Density, Fat Loss

  • Whatever your goal, ARX can achieve it

  • Simplify to Maximize

  • Utilize compound movements to get the most out of every workout

Sports Performance

  • A Better Athlete - Faster

  • Spend less time in the gym and more time on the field

  • Injury Prevention

  • Strengthen ligaments and bones with safe eccentrics


  • Quantify the healing process

  • Use ARX's precise and useful metrics to track the healing process

  • Heal in a safe environment

  • Perfect resistance for every user, every time

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